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Disorderly Disorderly

Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

Bash A then bash A some more... Get hand cramp..

Ok I like this game but there are several really obvious flaws that make a good idea into a crap one. First problem the game involves you you to bash a alot and to kill the old guys requires you to do this exceeding fast. Fine that's ok but the rooms involve you um.. bashing "a" really fast or bashing left and right really fast. Ok im five minutes in I have hand cramp and Im now expected to start bashing even faster.
There is the odd relief from this relenting task but these are selectled randomly.
Secondly the guy with the cat is deadly more deadly than the characters on floor two. I was at full health and at 935 experience and was killed by three of these on floor one I was pissed as I had to go back to 250 experience.A mid-save feature would have been good.
The health is the third problem it accures randomly and when you've opened all the doors and your health is low you can't change it and have to face the boss like that and die and do the level again. A health top up at the manager in exchange for keys maybe.
I have hand cramp from this game and only got to level two but I guess that makes make it addictive get utterly utterly crap.

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